About Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education

Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education is a national political initiative for opening Norwegian universities and colleges in various ways:

  • Opening the access to higher education
  • Opening institutions of higher education to a better understanding of the needs of society and working life
  • Opening universities and colleges to more flexible modes of teaching and learning by stimulating the creative and competent use of ICT.

Norwegian Agency for Digital Learning in Higher Education is established and supported by the Norwegian government and the Ministry of Education and Research, who appoints the members of the Board. The headquarters is at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, the northernmost university in the world.

Main tasks:

  • project funding
  • generating and sharing knowledge in the field of lifelong, flexible and ICTsupported learning
  • doing analysis, surveys, evaluations and publishing reports on important issues, for example the ICT Monitor
  • passing on free of charge information about courses and lifelong learning opportunities on the web
  • being a policy advisor for the Ministry
  • arranging seminars and conferences
  • cooperating with other important and similar organizations

Our ICT Monitor:

Our ICT Monitor is a national survey on the use of ICT in the Norwegian higher education system. The survey documents both student and staff use of ICT for teaching as well as studies. It further documents the faciliation for ICT use among educational institutions, as well as the organizational and individual conditions that may influence the use of technology for teaching and study-related activities. You will find an english summary of the ICT Monitor here.

We are member of the following internationally oriented organizations:

  • European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU)
  • International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)
  • European Distance Education Network (EDEN)
  • Research and Education Network (REN).